Jay Giess
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Jay Giess is an actuary by profession and author by passion. He has published four books: Locked, The Accidental Pirate, Death by Cubicle, and his most recent title, Buck Rack Lake.

Captivated by the mystery genre, Giess creates novels that are home to calculating characters in exceptional situations. Readers are enthralled with the physical and emotional turmoil his characters endure, the secrets they unlock, and their significance in solving the mystery.

Giess has a passion for words and their power. In addition to his four novels, he has written two crossword puzzles for The New York Times. He discovered his passion for mystery and adventure as a child reading his favorite series, The Hardy Boys. After many years living in Boston and San Francisco, Jay Giess has returned to his childhood hometown in Upstate New York, where he now lives with his wife and two sons.

His most recent novel, Buck Rack Lake, is set in the Adirondack Mountains, the largest protected park in the United States. Giess’s affection for the Adirondacks stems from his time spent at youth camps there. His affinity for the region makes the Adirondacks a memorable stage for a captivating story.

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